Coke unveils touching film on overseas Filipino workers

Coca-Cola’s recently unveiled an uplifting short film called “The OFW Project.”

It’s about OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers reunited with their families in the Philippines. It’s a homerun idea that any FORTUNE 500 company targeting the Filipino market could have done, but is just too costly to produce. So why did Coke do it? The Philippines is one of the top markets of Coca Cola worldwide. Last we checked, the Philippines is its no. 5 market worldwide.

It was even reported that the company is pouring in $1 billion in five years to strengthen its operations there. With those numbers, it’s not unusual to see the company paying tribute to a country that has been in the Philippines since the beginning of the 20th century. Coke has been in the Philippines since 1912.

The film is based on the beverage company’s long-running PR campaign, “Where Will Happiness Strike Next,” and the OFW Project is clearly meant to tug at our heart strings.

Coke did OFWs proud–nearly 3 million in the States and 10 million worldwide.


Lunar New Year is ‘Superbowl’ time for Asian American ad agencies

The Lunar New Year could very well be the Superbowl of the Asian American advertising market, because this is the time when Asian American ad agencies produce exciting work in honor of a time-honored tradition.

It certainly gives Asian American ad agencies the wonderful opportunity to produce inspired Lunar New Year greeting ads aligned with their clients’ brand or promotional messages. Agencies typically approach the creation of the Lunar New Year ads with the animal that represents the Chinese zodiac every year. For the Chinese and Koreans in 2011, it’s the Rabbit.

Thus, the images pictured here and in the ads showcase the rabbit, its peaceful and hopeful character, rendered by the agencies in so many imaginative ways, to the delight of its intended audience.

The Citibank ad, aptly titled “Celebrating Abundance” carries a promotional message that conveys the multiplying effect of the rewards of banking with Citibank. One receives special gifts, including an exquisitely designed 24K gold rabbit pendant and a 3-piece set of Swarovski crystal rabbits.


In the MassMutual ads, the “Sign of a Good Decision” branding campaign comes strongly as a greeting—and a flattering tribute. The Chinese tangerine and striped Korean pouch ads are placed upfront. The short greeting definitely allows the striking images enough room to breathe and come alive.