WATAP Earth-friendly messages pop up in NYC bikes

“WATAP: Buy the Right Water Bottle,” now has a face to match its advocacy. It’s an icon based on a drop of water, conveying a strong conservation message that aligns with its mission to save the planet and, in the process, save lives through its two chosen charities: Japan by way of American Red Cross and Water For People. One is suffering from a recent catastrophe, while another is an outfit helping people out there deprived of water, whether for drinking or as a source of livelihood.

The WATAP face can also be found all around New York City, with fun facts about the environment, the seasons and animals. Recently, the WATAP team spread its message around the city by clipping Earth-friendly messages around parked bikes in the Big Apple. The WATAP team will announce the location of its clippings next time.

For those who haven’t heard of WATAP, it’s the brand name of the BPA-free water bottles produced by IWTP, a company dedicated to producing environment-safe products, and designed by key creative members of Admerasia, the leading Asian American ad agency.

To learn more, visit http://iwantthatproduct.com, like the WATAP Facebook page, or follow @WATAP4EARTH on twitter.-dc.


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